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Terms of Use

    1.1 Mangadrawing states clearly that:
  • mangadrawing is not the owner of any content besides specified contents below.
  • mangadrawing does not bear responsibility for the contents placed by the users, but mangadrawing reserves the right to delete the content without informing the user responsible for uploading the picture if there were any violations regarding point 1.2 or if the or the owner of the contents will demand to delete his pictures etc.
  • owner of the content uploaded to mangadrawing is the artist/author who made the picture.
  • all of the users will be informed about any changes in regulations.
  • mangadrawing does not gain any financial profits.
  • mangadrawing does not host and do not offer any downloading software. Mangadrawing host only direct links to servers with their own law regulations.

    1.2 Adding new content.

  • added content can’t be child abuse or any other explicit art that will encroach rights of users.
  • one adding the artwork content to the Mangadrawing declares to be its owner and the only author.

    • 1.3 Users.

  • one registering to Mangadrawing declares that he or she accept regulations.
  • user nickname shouldn’t contain any abusive words.
  • users who does not tolerate regulations will be blocked/banned.
  • user changing mature filter to adult/explicit declares that he or she is adult.