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[b]Pen-based sketching software[/b]
[b]Corel® Painter™ Sketch Pad[/b] is your first step in creating digital art. Designed to leverage the natural flow of a drawing tablet, Sketch Pad helps you sketch, organize and share your creative ideas.

Lay the base for amazing designs with this focused sketching software that gives you the tools you need to quickly get ideas out of your head and onto the page. Designed to work with a pen and drawing tablet, Sketch Pad recreates the natural feeling of sketching and painting by hand. Organized like a real sketchbook, it lets you flip through and review your sketches. Broad file compatibility makes it easy to export and share sketches when done. Now there’s no excuse for a blank page. Let your ideas unfold with Sketch Pad.


* Sketch-friendly interface helps you focus on your designs
* Temporal palettes fade from view when you don't need them Sketch
* Essential sketching tools reproduce the look of traditional media
(pens, chalk, pencils, markers etc.)
* Color builds with each layered stroke of the Marker tool, like real-life shading
* Pen and drawing tablet (recommended) let you control shading and
vary stroke width by angling your pen on the tablet


* Support for industry- standard file formats, such as Corel Painter RIFF,
Adobe Photoshop PSD, JPEG, PNG and TIFF, lets you easily collaborate
with others
* Ability to import images into your sketch pad and annotate lets you
share ideas and feedback
* Email Page command lets you send concepts directly from Sketch Pad

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It would be useful if you

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It would be useful if you actually include technical information such as: Mac or Windows?